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The Gigi Method (TGM)


I have taken everything I know about doubles, which helped me win 17 Grand Slams and I have packaged it to share it with you so you can play the best doubles of your life and take your game to the next level. ​

Meet Your Teacher

I am 17-time Grand Slam Doubles Champion and Hall of Fame Member Gigi Fernandez. For the past 7 years I have been coaching recreational players, helping them play better doubles than they ever thought possible. I created The Gigi Method to help players understand the art and science of doubles. The Gigi Method contains everything I know that helped me win 17 Grand Slams and I am excited to share it with you because it will help you play better doubles than you ever have before. ​

What Is Included With The Gigi Method

The New Gigi Method includes: Instant Access to The Gigi Method Doubles Instructional Program; Weekly access to the Gigi Method Classroom.

Step 1: Positioning

13 videos to help you understand how to position yourself correctly at the net and in the baseline.

Step 2: Court Coverage

9 videos to help you learn what to cover so you are never passed again.

Step 3: The Serve

11 videos to help you never lose your serve again and 100% confidence when you step up to serve.

Step 4: The Return

9 videos to help you return so you have a chance to break each time your opponent serves plus BONUS 6 videos on Lobs

Step 4: Shot Selection

9 videos to teach you the best shot to hit based on the formations you face: 2 Up, 2 Back and 1 Up/1 Back

Step 6: Competition

12 sections to read to help you create winning game plans and formulate winning strategies.

Take Your Doubles to the Next Level with My Weekly Tips ​and Secrets Inside My "Members Only" Gigi Method Classroom

TGM Classroom

Keep your doubles game improving week after week throughout the year.... Every 7 days I will send you new information.


Have confidence no matter what situation you face....Over 50 articles I have written on doubles to help you better understand every situation you could face.

10 Steps to Improvement

Want crisper cleaner volleys, better overheads, better serve and returns? I have taken these fundamentals and broken them into 10 way to improve each.

Practice Program

Want the fastest path to improve doubles? Here is my practice program to apply every time you step on the court.

Mental Toughness

Are you tired to losing to people you are better than, or do you constantly beat yourself? Use my keys to mental toughness to help you play your best.


Want an easy way to make sure you are grasping the material? I have created simple quizzes that will give you instant feedback on how well you are understanding concepts.

Expert Volley Analysis

Feel like your volleys could use a tune up? You'll love the videos where I analyze volleys of top tour professionals and show how you can apply tips to your game.

Learn from the Experts

Do you want have access to the top tennis minds? I share information from top tennis experts including Dr. Mark Kovacs, Joel Drucker and Cardio Tennis

Plus Other Bonuses

Priority Registration for other events including Legends Camps, Laver Cup and other exclusive events.

Pay Yearly and Save

3 hours of video instructions plus weekly emails with all the information above, from one of the greatest doubles players in the history of the game 

$9.99 per month - $119.88
$95.99 for one year

In Addition to instant access to all the Steps on the Gigi Method, you will receive following. 

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