TGM Clinics - Students

The Gigi Method Clinic at your club - STUDENTS

The Gigi Method is a way of playing the game of doubles that assures you are positioned in the right place, cover the correct area, employ winning serve and return strategies and have reliable shot selection.
Over the past decade, Gigi has been traveling across the country conducting The Gigi Method Camps and Clinics to over 5,000 students. An additional 15,000 students have taken The Gigi Method course online.
Gigi is now hand-selecting pros and training them to deliver The Gigi Method clinics in your area. The program will start in the Fall of 2020 in select cities throughout the US.
If you are interested in participating, please fill in the form below.
P.S. The clinics will be priced along the same prices of the clinics in your area.

Fill in the form if you are interested

Feel free to forward to your friends and teammates. The more people we have interested in an area, the more likely we will go there.