The Gigi Method Licensing

Gigi Fernandez Tennis is seeking committed teaching professionals who would like to deliver The Gigi Method clinics in their community.

The Selection Process

Gigi is hand selecting pros to launch the pilot program which will deliver The Gigi Method Clinics to students throughout the country. The program will launch in the Fall of 2020. Pros selected will be required to attend a two-day FREE training course in Tampa, FL during the late summer (Transportation excluded and dates are TBA)
The training course will include 4-6 hours of lesson material and 4-6 hours on court. The seminar will cover all the steps of The Gigi Method PLUS live training on court with players of all ratings (3.0 to 4.5)
After successfully completing the two-day certification and training course, pros will be approved to deliver The Gigi Method Clinics in their community. Pros who have already participated in a training course or passed The Gigi Method Online Certification course may attend the second day only to participate in the on court live training.

The Registration Process

Once the pro is certified and approved:


Players may renew for ongoing additional modules. Since The Gigi Method is a proprietary teaching methodology, pros may not deliver curriculum, drills or instruction, specific to the Gigi Method Program, to clinic participants not signed up via The Gigi Method Registration site.

Fill in the form if you are interested in offering The Gigi Method at your club

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