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Ten Steps to a Perfect Volley

Ten Steps to a Perfect Volley (Available Now)

Hall of Famer Gigi Fernandez in partnership with OnCourt OffCourt

A unique formula to achieve volley perfection learning perfect technique from one of the purest volleyers in the history of the game combined with the instant feedback you receive from the OnCourt OffCourt training aids.

Mini Bundle Includes:

Online Program

Instant access to the full Ten Steps to a Perfect Volley Online program. In this program Gigi Fernandez reveals the secrets to technically perfect volleys, which will hold up under the most extreme pressure. It includes videos that will help you achieve volley perfection, with the help of the training aids.

VALUED AT $99.00

Angle Doctor

The OnCourt OffCourt Angle Doctor guides players to feel the correct angle between the racquet and the hitting arm, and is fully adjustable for players of all sizes. The Angle Doctor immediately fixes many common volleyers make including dropping the racquet head, chopping down on the ball or swinging high to low.

VALUED AT $34.95

Start Rite Grip Trainer

The Start Rite GripTrainer "trains" the hand to use the continental grip. No more guessing about how to find the continental group and more importantly how to stay in it through out the whole stroke. The Grip Rite trainer also helps to find other grips needed for your groundstrokes. (Set of 2)

VALUED AT $10.95

Mini-Bundle Bonus!

At Home Practice Program



Mini Bundle Combined Value: $234

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*Free Shipping price is for 48 contiguous states. For orders to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and the rest of the world, please email juliana@oncourtoffcourt.com

Full Bundle Includes:

Everything on the Mini Bundle Plus the items below and FREE SHIPPING!

Sweet Spot Trainer

The best players have the best ball striking skills. Whether you call it the Point of Contact or the Sweet Spot doesn’t matter. Just know that most recreational players hit OFF-CENTER most of the time. This is the purpose of the Sweet Spot Trainer - the best ball training aid that tells you when you hit ON-CENTER!

VALUED AT $32.95

Volley Arrow

​The Volley Arrow is a double-headed foam arrow that visually teaches how the point of contact creates the ball's direction and arc. Simply finish with the arrow pointing in the direction you just hit the ball! Great for volleys, defensive lobs, slice backhands, and all blocked returns of hard-hit balls. Fits into the throat of any racquet.

VALUED at $19.95

Backswing Solution (Gigi's Secret Weapon)

The Backswing Solution will help your volleys by helping you keep your elbows out in front while preventing you from taking too big of a backswing on your volleys. It helps to teach the right placement of your arms for the ready position. It can also help with groundstrokes and returns.

VALUED AT $39.95

Full Bundle Bonus!!

The Flex Trainer

The Flex Trainer is an essential tool to help players of all ages and abilities improve their balance and movement skills. Each unit includes six bands allowing it to adjust to three different resistance levels. The bands gently pull you into a lower playing height (with knees slightly bent). Perfect for staying low while hitting volleys. Lower playing height is the key to more efficient movement. The Flex Trainer is a “must have” training tool for improving your movement skills and your volleys.

VALUED AT $79.95

Full Bundle Includes Everything on the Mini Bundle

the Full Bundle Training Aids and ​Free UPS Shipping* Combined Value: $446


​*Free Shipping price is for 48 contiguous states. For orders to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and the rest of the world, please email juliana@oncourtoffcourt.com

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